About Me


Just like many other gifted children, I came into this world experiencing and seeing many amazing things. I would see angels, fairies, guides, and many other incredible multidimensional beings. During my childhood I found this fascinating to experience, and all I wanted to do was play with my light friends and dance between the worlds within worlds. As time went on and I started school, I quickly found out that most other children were not having the same experiences I was, and those that were, seemed too embarrassed to share or talk about them.

All of a sudden I felt alone and abnormal. I quickly started to get bullied for speaking with my multidimensional friends. I concluded that there was something wrong with me, and then began to block the voices and images out. Eventually I mastered almost completely blocking it all out. Throughout my life the images and voices of multidimensional beings would occasionally come in but I would seek professional help to medicate the voices away, I even reached a point of self-medicating to make them stop but no matter what I did nothing could prevent them. It was not until a life-changing event in my thirties that I realized that what I had been experiencing was completely normal, it was simply a part of who I truly am, and nothing could ever stop me from sharing the gifts I have brought with me to this world to help others. I wish to empower the younger generations to maintain their connection to Source, and ignite the older generations to remember the great gifts they too have brought for this world. We are all amazing beings and we all bring a beautiful treasure to this Realm.

For seventeen years I worked as a professional chef. I ran the food service of several kitchens, and cooked many styles of food from Italian, Asian, and French to Vegan and raw food. I also ran my own catering company for several years, which was very intense but fun at the same time. It was during my culinary career that I had a traumatic, life-changing experience that completely redefined my perspectives on life, and as a result I made many changes. I started to truly recognize my body’s innate ability to heal itself and realized I needed to assist my body in this process. So began my journey in the complimentary healing world.

Today I am certified in Reiki, Forensic Healing, Karuna Holy Fire Reiki, Sacred Activations and Theta Healing. I blend my own essential oils and channel infinite wisdom from the Creator and the Andromedan and Lemurian councils. Along my journey in healing, I have been blessed with an ongoing flow of very powerful channeled information in the form of symbols and an activation energy that comes in the form of an ancient language (Light Language) that is spoken during the time of activation and/or healing.