Robyn Kinghorn

I will be the first to say that this works, 100%. Chris is one of the most amazing healers I have met. I was allergic to everything for many years, nuts, seeds, lettuce, spinich (anything green leaved) tomatos, citrus fruit, whole grains, pineapple, raw carrots and apples, pretty much anything healthy. I was carrying my epi pen everywhere and eating allergy pills daily, I would get bad attacks with hives and being itchy daily. After seeing Chris Celestial Parr in some sessions I tried to slowly bring back normal food back into my diet. As of today, I have not taken any allergy pills and have not had one reaction to anything I have eaten. I can actually eat salads again, and eat out without worrying about something contaminating my food and blowing up like a balloon. He healed many other things (including nightmares, stress, back pain, being scared of spiders, etc for many people) but this was one thing that I think even amazed him as to how much I was healed. I would recommend him for anything you think you might need help with, but specially for any allergies you might have. Thank you Chris you are my hero 🙂