TMJ Adjustment


Hi my name is Chris, and i have under gone severe TMJ miss alignment. Through out my own healing journey of my jaw i have discovered an ancient technique that was deep with in my core that eliminates the pain and suffering from TMJ once and for all.
The Temporomandibular Joint (or TMJ) adjustment pertains to the articulation of the jawbone in its socket near the inner ear and below the temple area.
Misalignment can be caused by falls, accidents, whiplash, prolonged stress, shock-physical or emotional, grinding, etc. This can affect surrounding muscles and tissue in the neck and chin.

Are you suffering from pain ex trigger points ( really tight restricted muscles)  in this area?. Then You would greatly benefit from  a TMJ adjustment.

Affected areas can include: joints (stiffness, restless leg, and spinal misalignment); sinus (irritation and allergies); jaws (pain and teeth that do not occlude well, snoring , tinnitus); arm and fingers (tingling and pain, digestive issues and incontinence); eyes (blurred vision, dizziness, migraines, poor memory, learning issues); and ears (headaches and tinnitus).
The longer the jaw misalignment has existed, the more areas become affected and the longer it takes to resolve.

Toxins can build up, such as heavy metals (eg mercury, especially if fillings are amalgam) in the jaw area, and the body can, as a result, have trouble assimilating magnesium which is important for relaxation.
Hormone levels can be affected by jaw misalignment as the master hormone gland (the pituitary) is situated in the span of the sphenoid bone, which is in turn connected to many of the facial bones. If there is any misalignment, this interfers with the function of the pituitary.
Any trauma (emotional/ physiological /mental/ spiritual) can manifest in the body as deep seated tension in the temporialis muscle (which acts when stimulated by adrenaline (the “fight or flight” hormone)). This muscle affects the position of the sphenoid bone which is also the upper-most tip of the body and spinal alignment.

Misalignment of the TMJ may be the root cause of many common ailments, and manipulation and adjustment might be the answer you have been looking for regarding several long- existing conditions.

The session will include Reiki for pain and relaxation of the muscles in the area, clearing, adjustment of meridian lines and realignment of energy centers which run through this area and connect all the way down the body, reconnecting, restoring of energy flow, massaging of muscles and trigger points, and sealing in healing. We will also do a sucking and blowing ancient lemurian healing technique that will pull the pain out of your jaw once and for all.

TMJ ( Jaw Alignment): Removal of harmful Toxins, balance Hormones, aligning meridians,  Release Physical, Emotional, Mental and/or Spiritual Traumas and a Jaw Massage. ( I will massage your Jaw, Neck, Occipital and all areas related to TMJ in person). Please note that there is no distant healing, this session is only done person to person.