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 Workshop: How to speak Light Language 101 Basic Class +-6 hours

Here is the YOU TUBE LINK that explains about our up coming Light Language Workshop https://youtu.be/_ZM6jQaBoo8

This workshop is created by Fiona MacEachern and Chris Parr, both of whom have been
speaking Light Language for nearly 3 years.

A PRE-REQUISITE for this workshop is a healing session with either Chris or Fiona for $50 CDN, so that you are in the best space to receive the teachings of this workshop. We want everyone to cope with all the rapid and powerful energy shifts that this class entails, and for everyone to be able to keep up with the rest of the class, that is why this PRE-WORKSHOP HEALING SESSION has been made a PRE-REQUISITE . Make your booking today if you have not already had a healing session with Chris or Fiona!

When you pay the prerequisite to our upcoming workshop please specify that you are paying for the prerequisite and also let us know which of the two days listed below you would like to have the healing session with fiona and my self.

1. First day for group healings is TUESDSY NOV 29, AT 9:30 AM PST , cut off to register and pay for this first group healing is on MONDAY NOV 28, 2016 AT 9:30AM PST.

2. Second day for group healings is THURSDAY DEC 1, 2016 at 9:30 AM PST, cut off to register and pay for this group healing is ON WEDNESDAY NOV 30, 2016 AT 9:30AM PST.

The WORKSHOP costs a total of $100 CDN dollars with PREREQUISITE . Endless you have already had a healing session from Fiona or my self then the workshop only costs $50 CDN dollars. I only have one pay pal option on the pay pal me link above. So if paying the full $100 CDN for the prerequisite and the workshop then please pay the $50 CDN twice or you can pay for the workshop in one payment by sending $100 CDN to [email protected] through pay pal.

Both Chris and Fiona have extensive training in
Reiki, and several other healing modalities, after entering the field of Energy healing from very
different backgrounds- Chris as a chef, and Fiona as an academic.
In addition to Light Language,they offer many other services in their individual and shared practices.
To contact them, or learn more about their services, visit their websites:

www.universalloveignite.comwww.merakilight.com & www.mossomcreekreiki.com

They are also on facebook (universalloveignite, merakilight, Mossom Creek Reiki & Wellness,) Twitter, Tumblr, You tube, Flickr, and Instagram, and soon on Etsy (Love Thy Treedom) , where art prints, tote bags and essential oil blends will be available for purchase.

 “How can we support other people to flower, to come into their gifts and shine out their genius?”–Peter Cow

The purpose of this workshop is to help connect you
with your Galactic Heritage, reawaken your innate birth language, connect you to a higher state of Awareness and consciousness, so that you will stand more firmly and freely in your own power on your journey in life, and on your path to being the greatest version that you are destined to become!
What you put in is proportional to what you get out of this journey of discovery! Know you are here for a reason and just by being here, great shifts will take place.
We ask that you be Mindful and listen with an open heart.
Since this is an online workshop, we assume that you are participating according to your ability
and our instruction, that is why it is important to set an INTENTION.
We will be setting the intention at the beginning of the session with the opening prayer, so
please make sure that you tune in on time: what is your intention before taking this class?
09:30 Pacific, December 3rd 2016!
During the course of this workshop, Chris and Fiona will walk you through the process of:
*Reuniting to your SoulGalactic Family
*Remember all your hybrid languages from all your life times.
*Remember the full power, compassion and love of light language.
*ACTIVATING and opening your throat chakra.
*Clearing your light bodies, and your channel for clarity.
*Raising your vibration.
*Warming up your star-seed vocal cords for Galactic Speech.
*Tuning into your star-seed family or heritage.
*Listening with your heart.
*Finding your power/ courage to embrace your memories, your heritage.
*Awakening memories of your heritage.
*Speaking Light Language
*Stepping into your humble power
*Finding a sense of freedom that ignites your Authenticity.
A PRE-REQUISITE for this workshop is a healing session with either Chris or Fiona for $50, so
that you are in the best space to receive the teachings of this workshop. We want everyone to cope with all the rapid and powerful energy shifts that this class entails, and for everyone
to be able to keep up with the rest of the class, that is why this pre–workshop healing
session has been made a pre-requisite. Make your booking today if you have not already had
a healing session with Chris or Fiona!

During the workshop, you will learn:

*What is Light Language?
*History of Light Language-
*Where is it from ?
*Who speaks it?
*When was it first in use?
*Types of Light Language
*Why is it more commonly heard and spoken?
*What does it mean for us as individuals?
*Why is Light Language unique as a language?
*Is it connected to the trend for more people opening their Akashic Records?
*Are there symbols?
*How do we know if the Light Language we hear is for us, now?
*How do we know it is for real?
*What does it mean for humanity?
*How do we know if it is working?
*What does it mean for our planet?
*What kinds of activations can be done?
More about the power of the human voice
Your voice and your power, intention, goals, interaction with others, speaking your truth.
You will receive meditations:
*Opening prayer and setting the intention
*Clearing and Healing
*Connecting with your Light Family
*Connecting with your Higher Purpose
You will receive links:
*Music for relaxation, focus, being open to receive, feeling free to express your True Self.
Join us on December 3rd 2016 at 930 am Pacific Standard Time
This will be a 5-6 hour session with an hour for lunch and 2x 15 minute breaks.
Time and date converter:


To receive your registration package, register now, for only $50 Canadian !

How to register and receive your package:

Please pay via paypal 

Pay me on the facebook event and include your email address so we can send you your registration package, and a note indicating what the payments are for ie.

whether you need the pre-requisite healing session before the workshop. 

When we receive confirmation of payment,
and a signed waiver from youwe will send you the link to your package.
Packages will be available by Thursday, December 2nd 2016 via dropbox until December 3rd
2016. Please note the limited time of availability.
Universal Love Ignite retains the copyright on this material including the symbols and the
artwork and this material cannot be edited, copied or changed in any way, or distributed in any
way, and it is offered for the sole purpose of the use of this December 3rd 2016 workshop
registrants’who have permission to print a single copy.
We are grateful for trusting us to empower you with these Energy Activations, and we
reciprocate the trust with access to our
How to Speak Light Language 101 Workshop participants manual
and the rest of the registration package.

Deadline for Registration:

Friday December 2nd 2016 Pacific Standard time.

How to Prepare: 

Please make sure you have a quiet space where you will be safe and uninterrupted for the 6
hours of the workshop. You are welcome to bring your crystals around you Please make sure you are well -hydrated and have water with you, as well as a journal and pens, even coloured pencils. We will be broadcasting from Zoom, which is an online conferencing facility, and is free to join. You can choose to either download the app or simply join the event (in which case your profile picture will be grey). Included below is a link to a how to you tube on joining a Zoom meeting:
Chris and Fiona look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the High Vibratory Healing
energy of Light Language ! Sign up today and expand your awareness of the Universe!❤️
HERE IS THE LINK TO REGISTER FOR THE UPCOMING WORKSHOP https://www.facebook.com/events/1122112367857361/?ti=cl




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